Day 1: Welcome to the Family

Welcome to our SUPA Star Network Marketing Production Squad Family!

In this moment, you have identified yourself as a person who has made a decision to transform their life. If it is your desire to earn an extra $500 per month or an extra $500 per hour, we can help you reach your goals with our proven Business Success System. Help us help you get money as an issue out of your life. This will give you the ability to control your time better and allow you to do the things that matter most. Whether you are working toward debt reduction, credit restoration, financing a child’s college education, your retirement, a parent’s eldercare, or your dream home, FES is the vehicle that can take you to your destination.

Our aim is to help Hustle to Help become the World’s Premier Hybrid Network Marketing Organization, with service to people embedded in everything we do. We will achieve this aim by helping you to sponsor, train, and mentor your TEAM members – one at a time, with great care. We want the Hustle to Help to be a magnet for the best people in the world – from Steve the student to Carol the CEO. Your success will not only be measured by the amount of revenue you generate through the FES Compensation Plan, but also by the way you positively affect the lives of the people in your home, community and world.

Our goal is to help facilitate the documentation 100 FES Millionaires through our SUPA Star Network Marketing Success System by 12:00 midnight, December 31, 2026. It is our estimation that these leaders will represent 250,000 Independent Business Owners and 1 million households generating a minimum of $100.00 USD per month in FES service volume.

Over the next 21 days, you will embark upon this journey with us, as you jump start your business as a FES Agent by:

  1. Participating in this 21-Day Game Plan eCoaching Program powered by PrepToOwn Education and SUPA Star Network Marketing
  2. Documenting your success story
  3. Hosting 2 Virtual Private Business Receptions
  4. Enrolling your first wave 3-5 Customer Getters
  5. Getting your 1st Ten FES Protection Plan customers
  6. And signing-on for your personal FES Protection Plan Membership.

The difference between your perceived past failures and your future success is this moment. Live in this moment, actively working toward your desired future without fear and doubt, and there is no limit to your earning potential with the Hustle to Help TEAM. Never compromise on the lifestyle that you wish to create for yourself & your family or your birthright to live the abundant life.

God is producing a marvelous work in the lives of people in this business. If you are willing to put in the work over the next 21 days, we can assist you in setting a strong foundation for your FES business at Senior Executive Vice Present and beyond.

With a definite vision, a fixed purpose, and a steady faith, we are running the race marked out for us. To God Goes the Glory – the Work is Ours…


~ C. Thomas

On Behalf of Your National Expansion Leaders, Tonya Thomas and Terri Colon

P.S. Attached you will find the Hustle 2 Help Power Start 1-Page Training Document. Please review and become familiar with it. We will cover the document in detail in tomorrow’s eCoaching Session. ~ C. Thomas Gambrell [Your Business Success Coach]

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