DAY 15: 14-Day Check-In and Production vs. Position

Congrats! You made it pass Day 14!

First a few Questions…

  1. Have you contacted a minimum of 70 people over the past 14 days?
  2. 14 days have passed since your eCoaching start date, Have you acquire at least 5 Customers?
  3. Have you enrolled and sponsored at least 3 Customer Getters /Business Partners?

If You answered Yes to all 3 Questions, keep up the good work ethic.

If You answered No to any of the questions above – STOP – Work with your Success Line Sponsor and Leadership to achieve your Customer Acquisition and Business Partner Sponsorship goals over the next 72 hours. Call them immediately – Meaning DO IT NOW! 🙂

Production of Customers and Customer Getters is the key to your Success. It doesn’t matter which position or rank you have earned. If there is no new PRODUCTION of Customers or Customer Getters Monthly!

Follow Me…

Fictitious Company: Shoe String Tips Global

Cost to get started as a Shoe String Rep: $500
400 volume points count towards Position/Rank Qualification

Monthly Auto Ship is $100 = 100 volume points

First Corporate Position is: SUPA Star = 2,000 Volume to Qualify

MONTH 1: You sponsor 5 people
And qualify as a SUPA Star (400 volume points x 5 = 2,000 volume points plus your 400 volume points = Total 2,400 volume points)

Month 2 you DON’T SPONSOR ANYONE but everyone pays their auto ship and your new partners don’t sponsor anyone. Your volume drops from 2,400 volume points to 600 volume points (6 x 100 auto ship volume points). You are no longer QUALIFIED TO GET PAID AS A SUPA Star.

There is a difference between Earned Position/Rank and Paid-As Position/Rank. This is why Production is key. Positions/Ranks are the by-product of Production.

Earned Position/Rank:

Paid-As Position/rank:

Earned position/Rank:

Paid-As Position/Rank:
Shoe String Agent = Less Money

What MONTH 2 would look like with minimum production from you and your 5 business partners.

@ 1 customer and 1 Customer Getter per Business Builder

You – 600 vol (400 new partner volume + 100 customer volume + 100 your AS)

5 partners – 3,000 vol ( 2,000 new partners volume + new customer volume 500 + partners auto ship volume 500 )

Total Volume: 3,600 based on the production of new customers and customer getters. for the month plus Auto Ship Volume.

MONTH 2 with production

Earned position/Rank:

Paid-As position/rank:

Replicate Production to elevate through the Ranks

FOCUS on PRODUCTION – Not Position!

Be Well and Master the Moment!
C. Thomas [Your Business Success Coach]