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From the Desk of C. Thomas Gambrell

One of the things I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, I have forgot more about the Industry of Network Marketing than most people will ever learn. You may call that statement arrogant or cocky or delusional. But I call it #FACT !

I am going to share the goods with all of you from my 26+ years of experience as a Top Producing Distributor, Leadership Development Trainer, Executive Coach, Corporate Success Coach and International Expansion Strategist.

NO hype, NO fluff, NO gimmicks, NO gotchas,  NO bullsh&t --- JUST THE FACTS & THE TRUTH about how to produce and create immediate & long term residual income in your company and the business of Network Marketing ... PERIOD!

Personal Development that will allow you to produce like a Pro, create Profit Centers and use the ranks in your company as stepping stones to get to the top of your compensation plan, regardless of the Industry you represent or products you sell ... Come One - Come All - NAAAHHHH! Only SERIOUS SUCCESS SEEKERS Allowed! Let's Get It!

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21-Day Game Plan eCoaching Program

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What They Say About Training with C. Thomas

21-Day Game Plan eCoaching Topics



SUPA Star Network Marketing Foundation

  • Day 1 -  Welcome to the Production Squad Family! (Document)
  • Day 2 -  SUPA Star Power Start (Video)
  • Day 3 -  SUPA Star Enrollment Process (Video)
  • Day 4 -  SUPA Star Power Sort (Video)
  • Day 5 -  SUPA Star Power Close (Video)
  • Day 6 -  SUPA Star EmPowerment (Video)
  • Day 7 -  Week 1 Checkin (eMail Only)



Revenue Producing Activity

  • Day 8 -   The Numbers (Video)
  • Day 9 -   Key Language for Piquing Interest (Video)
  • Day 10 - Key Language for Customer Acquistion (Video)
  • Day 11 - Key Language for Sponsoring Customer Getters (Video)
  • Day 12 - Time Management for Customer Acquisition (Video)
  • Day 13 - Personal Development for Daily Success (Video)
  • Day 14 - Post to Post - Belly to Belly aka High Tech - High Touch (Video)



Pulling in it All Together

  • Day 15 -  Week 3 Check-In and Production vs. Position (eMail Only)
  • Day 16 -  Team Etiqutte (Video)
  • Day 17 -  What's Your Magic Number? (Video)
  • Day 18 -  Your Story - Your Testimony (Video)
  • Day 19 -  Sales vs. Marketing vs. Distribution (Video)
  • Day 20 -  Promoting Events (Video)
  • Day 21 -  More Belief - What You, Your Customers and Success Lines Need (Video)

About C. Thomas

C. Thomas Gambrell

C. Thomas Gambrell is a information marketing strategist, podcast host, author and marketplace minister. As a nationally acclaimed inspirational speaker and soft skills trainer he helps people give birth to new belief systems, bodies and businesses. He addresses audiences throughout the nation training and inspiring people to become peak performers. Mr. Gambrell’s success emanates from a true passion for helping individuals and organizations get more of the right things done in less time.

C. Thomas’ book, “Success on God’s Terms: How to Think, Speak and Perform to See the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth” is designed as a tool for business professionals and entrepreneurs seeking a stronger work-spiritual life balance.

C. Thomas is known for living to make Sunshine (aka his wife) laugh, is a lover of tropical beaches, sushi, marketplace ministry and everything corn (popcorn, tortilla chips, nachos, grits, etc.).

He is a Columbia University graduate and a family man who is a leader in ministry with his wife, Shamira.

Here’s What Past Clients are saying about Coaching with C. Thomas ...

"profound thinker, connecting the dynamics of mind, body and spirit in achieving success ..."

“Prior to working with Mr. Gambrell, I only knew that I wanted to venture out on my own one day. The process of weekly one-on-one coaching helped to define my strengths as a businesswoman and put in motion a business plan resulting in a consistently growing revenue stream. He is a profound thinker, connecting the dynamics of mind, body and spirit in achieving success in all areas of our lives. I am grateful for his knowledge and generosity in helping my dreams become my reality … and you will be too!”

Shanel Cooper Sykes

Social Media Influencer

"... practices what he preaches, a good coach always does.”

“There are so many things that C. Thomas has taught me over the years as a coach, friend and mentor that I find it hard to pick just one thing to brag about as it relates to this man. So, I will have to pick a few and start with persistence. C. Thomas has taught me that if you stick with one thing long enough eventually you will reach the goal, whenever I lost my wind, he would pick me up. As a coach he would always write and say, “Keep up the GOoD work” which would remind me to keep God as the center in everything you do. So it is not surprising that his book is called “Success on God’s Term’s” because C. Thomas practices what he preaches, a good coach always does.”

Toni Coleman Brown

Founder Network for Women in Business

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21-Day Game Plan eCoaching Program

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  • 30-Day Free Trial: Production Squad Group Coaching Membership
  • Free Recording of 10/24/2020 Team Call Training
  • FREE Mp3 Download
  • Free Video Download
  • 30-Minute No Fee 1onOne Coaching Session
  • Private "Members Only" Facebook Group
  • PrepToOwn Education Special Report 
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